22 Street Lane Nursery - February 2019 Newsletter

February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers, Welcome to our February Newsletter, and as always, greetings to our new families who have recently joined us. We have a busy month ahead planned for the children, recently kicking off with Chinese New Year celebrations followed by Valentine’s Day. Therefore expect lots of amazing activities that are also bound to leave the children full of wonder learning about another country’s culture and customs. We are also gearing up for making our submissions for awards this month which although won’t be presented until the end of the year are something we can be getting excited about right now! We are applying for a number of categories awarded by the prestigious NDNA, the NMT, Nursery World, and the National Nursery Recognition Awards – all very respected organisations in the childcare sector which will look fabulous next to our name. We would love to get your support with this and some of the awards require parent submissions (more information can be found in the newsletter), so if you and your child love 22 Street Lane Nursery and want to help get us some wins then please get involved!

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