22 Street Lane Nursery - Dish of the Month

2017 Dish of the Month

We are very proud of the food that is prepared by our Head Chef, Chris Milner, and his dedicated team here at 22 Street Lane Nursery. We’re keen to showcase the type of delicious and nutritious food that your children enjoy every day at the Nursery, so we have put together this ‘Dish of The Month’ FlippingBook. Each month the children’s favourite dish will be showcased, we will tell you all about the ingredients needed, as well as how to cook the recipe - so you can enjoy at home with your children!




Mac and Cheese with Vegetables

Apple, Carrot & Maple Syrup Muffins

Nourishing Nachos




Fish Pie with Cheesy Mash Topping

Vegetable Curry and Poppadoms

Sausage Casserole

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