22 Street Lane Nursery - March 2019 Newsletter

March Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our March newsletter and as always, greetings to all our new families that have recently joined us. The busiest time of the year approaches with festivals and special days aplenty this month, and we’re very excited to be celebrating them all with the children. First up will be St David’s Day on the 1st of March where we will all be learning about Wales, but soon after that will be Shrove Tuesday on the 5th of March, better known as Pancake Day! Then there’s World Book Day on the 7th of March which we have great fun with every year as we get to share the world of reading and brilliant stories with the little ones. After that, on the 15th of March it’s Ireland’s turn to be celebrated as it is St. Patrick’s Day – we can’t wait to see everyone dressed up in green and learning all kinds of things about Irish culture. Towards the end of the month is the Hindi Holi festival, on the 20th of March, where we will get to enjoy the fun of colour even more, and then finally on the 31st of March will be Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day but there will be plenty of activities taking place leading up to this so read on to find out more about this. There’s lots of opportunities for dressing up and getting involved according to the themes taking place throughout this month so make sure you keep an eye on our social media feeds for information about these. If any grown-ups have any ideas or resources that might support the children with our planned activities this month, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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